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Unique cultural experiences with Kids Love Greece in Messenia

Enjoy unique cultural experiences with Kids Love Greece in Messenia during your next vacation in Greece. Take your pick from a family cooking workshop, learning the secrets behind honey making, or making organic skin care products with natural local ingredients!

We’re sure your family will love each one of these activities, as not only do they give insights into local Greek culture, but they’re fun as well! Each one can be customized or combined, meaning that you could do just one activity or all three in one day if you wish. Contact the Kids Love Greece team for more details.

Traditional Cooking Class

Some people say that the best way to get to know a country is through its food, and there’s no better way of doing this than by learning to cook some of the local dishes!

The tour will begin at an olive mill, where you will be shown around. Here, you will learn about how olive oil is produced in a family run mill which has been passed down from one generation to another for years.

After the mill tour, you will then be shown how to make pasta, pies, salads and desserts before sitting down to enjoy the taste of all your hard work. This tour is an excellent way of learning about local culture and traditions, and its hands-on nature means the kids will be fully engaged and having fun throughout.

Visit a Bee Garden

So many people enjoy the taste of honey, but so few know about how it is collected and produced. This family tour to a bee garden in Messenia will change all that though!

During your visit to a bee garden, you will meet a honey producer who will teach you the basics of honey making, and show how a hive and a bee garden is organized. Your kids will be fascinated by observing the bees hard at work, and especially at the beehive demonstration.

Seeing how honey is produced is only half the experience though. Tasting for yourselves how lovely the products is the other! There will be honey sampling, along with the chance to try local delicacies which use honey as an ingredient, all of which are best accompanied by traditional mountain tea. This tour is a real learning experience for all the family, and seeing how local traditions are still kept alive is a real treasure to be appreciated.

Olive Oil Soap Making Workshop

As society moves away from artificial products with chemicals in, we slowly realise that the traditional way of doing things were sometimes the best. This is the case in Messenia, where the old ways of making soap from olive oil have been revived. Now, you too can learn how to make soap and other skincare products from natural materials in this hands-on family workshop!

During your visit to an olive mill in Messenia, you will soon realise that olives can be used in far more ways than simply making oil. You will be shown how the oil can be used with other natural materials to create soap, oil infusions, and other beauty products. You’ll even have the chance to make your own soap which you can take home with you – the perfect and most unique souvenir from your family trip to Greece!

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