Love at first sight in Greek mythology
Athens Vegetarian Food Tour for Families kidslovegreece Greece traditional flavours culture
Athens Vegetarian Food Tour for Families kidslovegreece Greece traditional flavours culture
Greek guide vegetarian and vegan food
Greece a guide to vegetarian and vegan food
vegetarian and vegan food guide Greece
Greek vegetarian and vegan food
A guide to vegetarian and vegan food in Greece

Vegetarian Food Tour in Athens for Families

  • Duration

    2 hours

This Vegetarian Food Tour in Athens for Families is ideal if you want to sample traditional and contemporary Greek vegetarian dishes. Organized on a private basis for your family, a kid-friendly and passionate local foodie will show you the highlights of the Athens vegetarian food scene. You will learn about traditional Greek dishes favored by locals as you stop by at local produce sellers and vegetarian restaurants.

Vegetarianism is no new thing to Greece as it has been a part of the culture since classical ancient times, and still is today. It is an essential part of the Greek Orthodox religious calendar where specific days and weeks of the year are given over to fasting, particularly during Great Lent – the 40 days before Easter.

You will certainly be spoiled for choice as our guide introduces you to Greek vegetarian cuisine. Fava beans, olives, stuffed tomatoes and peppers, stuffed vine-leaves, veggie croquettes, pies, yoghurt, honey – the list is endless. We guarantee you will come away from this Athens vegetarian food tour full of enthusiasm and inspiration. We also guarantee you will come away full!

Important facts of the Tour:

  • Private vegetarian food tour in Athens arranged just for your family
  • Please notify Kids Love Greece of any food allergies or other dietary restrictions beforehand
  • Tour led by a kid-friendly local foodie
  • Discover traditional Greek vegetarian dishes

To find out more about this vegetarian food tour for families in Athens, contact the Kids Love Greece team today. We’ll be more than happy to explain in more detail what you can expect from the tour, and would be delighted in helping you plan your trip to Greece.

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Families should know

We can adjust the food tour to meet various dietary restrictions (upon request only and under the responsibility of parents)

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Kids will love

  • Our fun and friendly guides
  • Tasty sweets!
  • Taking photos of the colorful foods

Parents will love

  • Discovering how vegetarian cuisine has been a part of Greek culture for centuries
  • Trying new vegetarian dishes
  • Walking around areas of the city they might not otherwise see
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Best season to visit

  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter
  • spring
  • All
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