Cretan cookery workshop kids love greece
Greek cooking family workshop © Greeking me
Greek cooking family workshop © Greeking me
family Greek cooking workshop © Greeking me
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workshop families Greek cooking © Greeking me
Athens food tour kids love greece
Food tour Athens Kids Love Greece
Athens food tour kids love greece gastronomy workshops
gastronomy workshops Athens food tour kids love greece
Cretan cuisine cooking class kids love greece gastronomy workshops
kids love greece gastronomy workshops Cretan cuisine cooking class
Cretan cookery workshop kids love greece

Greek Food Experiences with Kids Love Greece

Greek culture is defined by many things, and one of the most important, is food. A rich and varied cuisine has developed over the centuries, and it is widely recognized as being one of the healthiest in the world. Kids Love Greece has partnered with enthusiastic and passionate people throughout the country to provide cooking lessons and food tours all the family will enjoy. Savor the real Greece!

Greek Food Experiences in Athens

A Greek Cooking Family Workshop in Athens

This is a fun-filled, ‘hands-on’ family cooking workshop in Athens! It starts with a visit to the Athens Central Market in the company of a local food expert. Here, you will be able to sample local produce such as olives, whilst buying the ingredients you need to cook with later. The excitement, and hustle and bustle of this active market are an essential part of the experience! With the ingredients collected, it’s time to head to the kitchen, where a Greek chef will aid you in creating some classic Greek delicacies. Then comes the best part – Enjoying the food you have made!

For a Greek Cooking Family Workshop in Athens click HERE: Greek cooking Family Workshop

To join our Greek Cooking Workshop with your family click HERE:

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Athens Food Tour For Families

For families wanting to combine walking around Athens with savoring the local delicacies, this tour is ideal! Adults and kids alike can indulge themselves, as an expert local food guide shows them the best bakeries, delicatessens, sweet shops, and ice-cream in Athens. Experience the vibrancy of the Central Market, and discover hidden specialty shops only the locals know about. You will also learn that kids are are warmly welcomed, especially by the shop and stall vendors, who will insist they try everything before they leave!

For an Athens Food Tour For Families click HERE: Athens Food Tour for families

To join our Athens Food Tour with your family click HERE:

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Greek Food Experiences in Crete

Cretan Cooking Class (Near Heraklion and Elounda)

Combine the famous Cretan hospitality with delicious Cretan cuisine, and enjoy a cooking class the kids will remember forever! Eleni and Yiannis will be your hosts during this hands on cooking class that the whole family will enjoy. Using locally sourced produce, you will create a range of Cretan and Greek delicacies in a fun, happy, and relaxed environment. It might be tempting to snack as you cook, but try to wait until the end. Eating around the table as one big family is the reward for your hard work!

For a Cretan Cooking Class click HERE: Cretan cooking class (near Heraklion and Elounda)

To participate in our Cretan Cooking Class with your family click HERE:

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One Day Sailing and Culinary Experience in Crete

The perfect family day trip in Crete for anyone seeking a unique experience! Treat yourselves to a day of unparalleled pleasures, and set sail from Heraklion with an English speaking skipper to a quiet, peaceful cove. The kids will love seeing how the yacht is sailed, and can keep an eye out for dolphins that may swim alongside. Once at the cove, there is plenty of time for snorkeling and swimming, whilst the chef prepares some Cretan and Greek specialties. Then, it is time for the feast to begin! Once you have sampled the local delicacies and wines, there is more time for swimming and relaxing, before the boat sets sail back to Heraklion.

For a sailing and culinary experience in Crete, click HERE: One day sailing and culinary experience in Crete

To enjoy this Sailing and Culinary Family Experience click HERE:

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Cretan Cookery Workshop

Take the family to meet Mrs. Koula, and enjoy a hands-on family Cretan cookery workshop! There is no better way to understand Cretan cuisine than by cooking it yourself, and Mrs Koula will soon have everyone involved. Learn about the ingredients and the ways in which they can be used, as you all help to prepare several dishes in atmospheric surroundings. Once everything is ready, you will all sit down together to enjoy the meal Greek style – Food, wine, music, and great conversation!

To find out more about a Cretan Cookery Workshop, click HERE: Cretan Cookery Workshop

To join our Family Workshop on Cretan Cookery click HERE:

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Cheese and Bread Making

This is a great family food tour in Chania, Crete, where the kids can see how cheese and bread are traditionally made. Better yet, they can actually help mix the dough themselves, and get a true feel for bread making! The tour starts with a visit to a hand-made cheese ‘factory’, which produces some of the best cheese in the area. The secret underground storeroom contains thousands of cheeses which are years old. The next stop is Manolis Taverna, where you can learn about organic produce and the Cretan diet, whilst preparing and baking your own bread.

To find out more about Cheese and Bread Making, click HERE: Cheese and Bread Making

To participate in our Cheese and Bread Making Family Workshop click HERE:

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Family Food Tour in Chania, Crete

A family friendly walking tour, offering a perfect combination of sight-seeing, culture, and of course plenty of local cuisine! An experienced local food expert will guide you at a relaxed pace through the real Chania few tourists ever get to see. Discover hidden bakeries, quaint cafes, and bustling markets, sampling plenty of food along the way. Kids and adults alike will love the chance to try endless types of olives, cakes, sweets, and ice-cream. This is a fun half-day tour for all the family!

To find out more about a family food tour in Chania, Crete, click HERE: Family Chania Food Tour

To experience our Family Food Tour in Chania click HERE:

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Kids Love Greece has a network of trusted partners which organize cooking lessons and food tours. See all our food related tours HERE.


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Kids will love

  • Preparing their own culinary masterpiece
  • Spending some real quality time with their parents
  • Socializing with the locals in the local Food Markets

Parents will love

  • Cooking with their children
  • Learning the secrets of the famous Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Tasting various local delicacies and Greek wine

Best season to visit

  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter
  • spring
  • All
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