Kids Love Knossos

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Kids Love Knossos: An Audio Guide for Kids

Would you like to experience the legend of King Minos and navigate through a labyrinth along with a playful, local boy named Glaucus?

The Kids Love Greece team created an audio tour guide for the Palace of Knossos, specifically tailored to the needs of young children. Through the magic of fairy tale narrative, Glaucus and his little sister Phaedra take you back in time to the glorious era of the ancient Minoan civilization.

The guide consists of 16 sections, each aiming to educate children about Knossos along with its enchanted myths and glorious heroes. With just one click you can enjoy ‘A walk in Knossos’ and meet characters like the terrible Minotaur, the giant Talos, Icarus, Daedalus, and beautiful Ariadne. You will also meet the brave Theseus, the ‘Prince of the Lilies’ and the ‘Ladies in Blue’.

Are you ready?

Glaucus and Phaedra have been waiting for you! The tour is suitable for children of all ages and lasts 60 minutes. It will soon be available as an app for the iPhone and iPad from iTunes.