Greek Mythology Books for kids

5 Must-Have Greek Mythology Books for Kids

Greek Mythology Books as recommended by the kids of the team!

Young Zeus

Young Zeus

The best introduction to Greek mythology with amazing illustration and dialogue! Highly recommended for young readers.

 A Child’s Introduction to Greek Mythology: The Stories of the Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, Monsters, and Other Mythical Creatures


Greek Myths for Young Children (Stories for Young Children)

 Greek myt young

D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths

Greek Myths

Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Percy Jackson Greek Mythology Books

This is a pentalogy of adventure and fiction books written by Rick Riordan.

TIP: Are you planning to visit Greece? If yes, do your homework before you go! 

We highly encourage you to do a little bit of background reading with your children. This will help them get motivated for the visit and give them a better insight and understanding about what they are going to see. A really good start would be to get a book on Greek mythology (see our recommendations above).

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  • You might also be interested in our Greek Myth books, called “Early Myths”. We have three books to date: Odysseus, Perseus and Jason & the Golden Fleece. Perseus won a prize at the Moonbeam Children’s Awards at the end of last year.
    Our multimedia books are available on the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, and we also have versions as audiobooks and paperbacks.
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