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The Nafplio suggestions inspired by Fevos | Kids Love Greece

The Nafplio suggestions inspired by Fevos

If you are a frequent traveler, you will certainly know that the best way to explore a destination in just a few days is to trust locals residents to offer advice about where to go, what to do and what to see. To let they tell you where they hang out. Thus, you are able to truly get to know their land and culture. After all, this the very essence of!

We know this is not always easy to do. This is why we make sure we locate for you experts in every corner of Greece.

The Insider’s Guide to Nafplio, also known as is an excellent case in point. The people behind it, Fevos Zachopoulos and his family, have patiently collected information on all places worth visiting in Nafplio and the surrounding region. The topics covered include accommodations, restaurants, sites and interesting special activities offered in and around Nafplio. Most importantly, the site is filled with insider information they would offer to a close friend without hesitation.


All our suggestions for Nafplio are inspired by Fevos. We simply added information relevant to kids, so as to adapt Fevos’s outlook to that of parents traveling with kids.

Nafplio 6

And we’ve saved the best for last! How would you feel if you were given the opportunity to save money while on holiday in Nafplio? As contradictory as it may sound – after all, vacation and spending go hand-in-hand – it is possible! All you need to do is purchase’s Nafplio Discount Card (NDC) to ensure a +10% discount with a long list of NDC partners in Nafplio. And you can take our word for it, the list is long including hotels, restaurants, car rental agencies, activities, stores, even water sport centers at the beaches.

For Nafplio lovers who visit often, there’s the Gold edition of the card which is valid for an entire year, enabling you to save even more. Get all the details and a link to the list of NDC Partners here.

So, let Fevos and his family enable you to make the most of your visit to one of Greece’s most beautiful towns!


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